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Hancock County in the forefront of the UAV market

May 5, 2016

Hancock County has been home to aerospace and oceanographic activities for decades but more recently the development of unmanned vehicles and their potential uses have been building momentum at Stennis Space Center.

Currently government and private sector employees are involved in:

  • Developing rules and standards to make flying unmanned aircraft systems safe
  • Fostering new technologies to restore Mississippi’s coastal natural resources
  • Expanding air space to ensure unmanned vehicle training missions are successful
  • Developing technology to improve UAV systems and expand applications
  • Developing and deploying military unmanned systems

Along with improvements in technology and expansion in the use of unmanned vehicles, more investments and new jobs are expected in the area.

This month's newsletter focuses on some of the activities that are keeping Hancock County in the forefront of this dynamic new high tech market.

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