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Hot Sticks Manufacturing well known for high quality drumsticks, promotional products

June 30, 2015

Hot Sticks Manufacturing Co. started producing drumsticks painted in eye-catching colors and designs back in 1979. The high-quality sticks quickly gained popularity among drummers by giving them an edge in showmanship as well as their musical performance.

The Hancock County-born company, founded by Kevin Pokallus in Bay St. Louis and now located at Stennis International Airpark, continues to be an innovative leader in drumstick manufacturing.

Pokallus, president of Hot Sticks and a drummer himself, said the drumsticks aren't just good looking. They are the result of years of research and development as well as the company's commitment to excellence.

"Underneath their beautiful exterior lies a stick that's as good if not better than any plain stick on the market. No matter how much our sticks evolve, that's one thing that will never change," Pokallus said.

Hot Sticks are made with high grade USA hickory that's put through an intense production process honed over the years that uses state-of-the-art equipment and patented grinding and finishing. All the products are thoroughly inspected before being sold.

Jason McArthur, director of operations, said half of the products made now are for the music industry and the remainders are promotional or souvenir sticks. "We also make drumsticks for a couple of companies as well," he said, including Disney World. Hot Sticks also does printing on Louisville Slugger bats.

Customers include some other highly recognized brands. "On the souvenir side, we make products for Universal Studio Florida's Blue Man Group and for Hard Rock Cafes all over the world," said McArthur.

The promotional products include drumstick and baseball bat writing pens and 12- and 18-inch souvenir bats decorated with a team logo. Local baseball leagues are among Hot Sticks' customers.

But drumsticks remain the main focus at the company's 20,000-square-foot plant at Stennis International. "We do everything from start to finish," McArthur said. "The wood is delivered in dowel form and we go from there."

Depending on the size and model, Hot Sticks produces 2,000 to 4,500 products a day.

"The manufacturing process and the product are high quality," McArthur said. "We make a really good product and everyone seems to be happy."

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Toll Free: 800.558.1658
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