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Training resources are invaluable to employees of Hancock industries

February 2, 2016

The skilled workforce employed by Hancock County’s companies help keep operations running smoothly, and employers know they can rely on excellent training, both basic and customized, to meet their changing labor needs. 

Workforce training at the high school level is rooted in the award-winning program offered by the Hancock County Career and Technical Center, which promotes more than a dozen career pathways, including STEM, drafting, metal fabrication and robotics.

Additionally, Pearl River Community College (PRCC) offers Hancock County students a two-year associate degree and workforce certification for jobs in precision manufacturing, machining, welding and electronics technology, among other fields.

The training programs provided by PRCC include the customized industry training through the WET Funds as mentioned above, and among the industries taking advantage of workforce training resources is SNF Polychemie, the world’s leading manufacturer of water-soluble polymers, which makes water treatment products at its Hancock County plant.

Keith Sheffield, a production foreman, is just one employee who has benefited from some of the training available to Hancock County industries. 

He successfully completed the yearlong Leadership Hancock County, now in its 20th year, that identifies emerging leaders from a cross section of the business community and promotes awareness of the county’s resources and potential.  Participants attend sessions that bring local, real world awareness to the building blocks of community development, which include infrastructure and business development, but also include workforce development, civic infrastructure, social infrastructure, and cultural and heritage preservation.  The class helps to create well-rounded, closely networked leaders who understand the complex issues of the community, and can make informed decisions in support of local and regional initiatives.

As part of the 2012-2013 Leadership class, Sheffield said he met some interesting community members and was introduced to other industries in the county. “I enjoyed it, it was a good class,” he said. “I now have contacts in different fields that may be helpful on my job in the future.”

Sheffield also participated in the 17-session  Leadership Coaching class sponsored by the Pearl River Community College, which he said covered a great deal of material to help supervisors handle various on the job situations.  This training helps supervisors become clear in their roles, empowered to lead and to make tough decisions, and create a good working environment for their employees.  It also provides them the opportunity to understand their leadership styles to be the most effective in their communications and interactions with direct reports and their supervisors, alike.

“This is really the first supervisor job I’ve ever had and there are a lot of things to be aware of. We went through all sorts of scenarios having to deal with employees that help you be more prepared in hiring people and disciplining and other areas. It was definitely worth it.”

He was among several employees of Polychemie and other Hancock County companies who attended class two-hours sessions twice per month through the 17 sessions.“The coaching class was a big help, especially for somebody who doesn’t have any supervisory experience,” he said.

Sheffield gave both of his training experiences high marks, for him and his employer.  He said they showed him how many opportunities there are in Hancock County. “Young kids need to look around and see the opportunities they have here and not just leave the area. There are a lot of good jobs here and more opportunities will be available in the future,” he said.

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