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Stennis Airport’s Rates & Charges

The rates below are also a summary of the FULL Rates & Charges document. To view, click here.

I) Airport Direct:

Fuel Flowage Fees:

one-time $0.14/gallon of fuel transferred, monthly $0.05/gallon storage fee to all aviation "de-fueled" fuel storage.

Agricultural Operations:

$500.00/week ramp fee; includes ramp and parking of up to 2 aircraft and 2 ground support equipment. Additional aircraft and equipment $100.00/week.

Security Services - Designated Ramp   Observer (DRO):

$25.00/hour, 4 hour minimum

Security Services - Law Enforcement Officer (LEO):

$40.00/hour, 4 hour minimum

Para-jumping Drop Zone Fee

$500.00/week if not operating under JUA

Rental Rates - Long Term with Lease:  
Office Space - Private:

$12.50/square foot/year

Office Space - Public: 

$6.25/square foot/year

Hangar Storage:

$6.75/square foot/year

Hangar with Fire Suppression, built prior to 2018

$2.75/square foot/year

Hangar without Fire Suppression, built prior  to 2018

$2.00/square foot/year

Rates for newly constructed hangars after 2018 will be based on cost of hangar amortized over its useful life, taking into account maintenance and repairs.

T-hangars (rates include utilities and insurance):
Electric Bi-fold Doors:                    
End Storage Units (Small):
End Storage Units (Large):
Ground Rent (For Hangar/Office Construction):
Unimproved ground:   
$0.50/square foot/year      
Improved land:
$0.625/square foot/year   
Flight Line:
$0.75/square foot/year
Tie Down Rental Rates with Lease - (Long Term):
Single/Twin (<12,500lbs)
Turbo Prop or similar size aircraft        
Jet or similar size aircraft:
Large Jet/Multi Engine:     
Coordinate with HCPHC Management
Hangar Rental - (Long Term) with Lease - per aircraft:

Single:                                                                   $400.00/month                                 
Twin:                                                                     $575.00/month
Turbo Prop (King Air/PC12):                               $1,200.00/month 
Small Jet (12,500 - 20,000 lbs):                          $1,500.00/month
Medium Jet (20,001 - 40,000 lbs.):                    $2,000.00/month
Large Jet (<40,000 lbs):                                      $3,500.00/month

Through-the-fence Access Fees:
Hangar Deck and Office Space:                         
$0.25/square foot/year                                               
or all property (ground) abutting airport
$0.05/square foot/year                            
$6,000/year whichever number is greater.


II) Airport / FBO Collected:

Landing Fee:                                                                                                                                                  
$2.00/1,000 lbs for aircraft with a published maximum gross landing weight of 12,500 lbs or greater
Special Event Fees:
declared by Commission and based on aircraft size
Tie Down Rental Rates - (Short Term):
Single: $15.00/night                                    
Twin: $30.00/night
Turbo Prop: $40.00/night
Small/Medium Jet >100,000 lbs.: $75.00/night
Large Jet <100,000 lbs MTOW: $1.00/1,000 lbs. MOTW/night
Hangar Rental - (Short Term):
Single:           $55.00/night                                     
Twin: $80.00/night
Turbo Prop (King Air/PC12): $170.00/night                        
Small Jet (12,500-20,000 lbs): $215.00/night                                   
Medium Jet (20,001 - 40,000 lbs): $285.00/night       
Large Jet (<40,000 lbs): $500.00/night

**HCPHC does reserve the right to escalate prices

**Published rates and charges are applicable in the absence of any other agreements.

**All rates and charges are subject to change within 30 days written notice.

**All rates and charges do not include insurances and/or taxes unless stated.

Adopted by the Commission: October 10, 2018; Effective: November 15, 2018


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