Quality of Life

When you visit or live In Hancock County, life just got better — and that’s nothing new.


It is home to Bay St. Louis, voted in the TOP 10 Most Affordable Beach Towns in America since 2016 by SmartAsset.com; the other Hancock County communities like Diamondhead, Kiln and Waveland show how special and set-apart Hancock County, Mississippi really is.

You’ll meet some of the friendliest, most hospitable people you could find anywhere. You’ll enjoy some of the finest recreation and fishing in the country and find world-class technology at NASA’s Stennis Space Center's Infinity Center. Hundreds of historic homes, heritage sites and landmarks add to the ambiance, attracting visitors and new residents from across the country.

Located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Hancock County is a paradise for any nature lover. A stroll along the 13-mile beachfront is a pretty cool way to start your day. Hiking? Biking? Birding? Swimming? Sailing? Parks and rivers, courts and courses, Hancock County has it all. The boating and fishing are excellent, and the golf and tennis are world-class.

From vacation rentals to planned communities, Hancock County has the perfect living environment for almost anyone. Business owners and their employees appreciate working in a welcoming atmosphere.

To learn more about all we have to offer you as a visitor or as a resident please visit the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce website and download their Brochure


Want more information of things to do in each of Hancock County's communities and along the Mississippi Gulf Coast? Check out the links below!

Bay St. Louis