From the Executive Director: Consumer goods made in Hancock County generate $3B in export activity

May 29, 2015

The great American Industrialist Henry Ford, when asked about his company's contribution to industrial employment, said, "It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages."

Ford's quote certainly rings true in Hancock County today, as customers around the world continue to make significant contributions to the county's economy by purchasing the many goods and services that are produced in the county's array of industrial facilities. In fact, export activity in Hancock County exceeds $3 billion, according to Economic Modeling Specialists International's most recent estimates.

Often, when people think of industrial development, they think of large industrial facilities with webs of metal pipes and billowing smokestacks, tucked away in an industrial park on the edge of town. However, few consider the fact that the vast majority of the consumer goods that surround us in our daily lives were made in those industrial facilities, many of them right here in Hancock County.

This month we take a look at a small sample of the consumer goods that are produced in Hancock County's industrial parks. From the plastic containers that hold our food products to the satellites that carry our high definition television signals, Hancock County is home to a collection of industries that produce the products that are central to the world's consumer economy.

The good news is, as the global economy continues to rebound, these industries and others will have opportunity to expand their operations in Hancock County, creating quality new jobs and continuing to serve as our regional economic engine.  

On behalf our entire team, we thank all of you for your continuing efforts to make Hancock County the premier place to do business in South Mississippi. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with you as we take Hancock County to new economic horizons and beyond. 


Ashley Edwards