From the Executive Director: Hancock County is Mississippi’s aerospace development capital

January 1, 2015

As home to one of America's leading concentrations of aerospace and aeronautics talent, Hancock County can point to its long list of industry-leading aerospace firms, technical strengths, aerospace-trained workforce and infrastructure-rich assets as reasons that Hancock County is truly Mississippi's aerospace capital. In this, the first newsletter for 2015, we would like to provide readers with a deeper look into Hancock County's existing aerospace cluster and share some tidbits about the future of our aerospace development activities. In order to fully realize the opportunities for aerospace development, the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission continues to focus on an aerospace development strategy that fully leverages our county's emerging and growing aerospace assets. We believe aerospace sector growth in Hancock County can ultimately lead to transformative change in our local economy. On behalf of the entire team at the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission, we thank you for your continuing efforts to make Hancock County the premier place to do business in South Mississippi. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with you as we take Hancock County to new economic horizons and beyond.