Hancock County an emerging ‘hotspot’ for entrepreneurship

August 1, 2014

Recently, while skimming through an old economics textbook, I came across a section devoted to the teachings of Peter Drucker. Drucker was among the 20th century's most celebrated business minds, as he is widely credited for laying the foundations for many of our modern business and economic practices. One of his quotes, in particular, stood out to me: "The best way to predict the future," Drucker said, "is to create it." After reflecting on Drucker's quote, I began to think about all the small businesses in Hancock County who are working to create a better economic future ­ both for their companies and for the county as a whole. It is to these Hancock County entrepreneurs that we dedicate our August 2014 newsletter. This month we feature stories about two of Hancock County's most successful entrepreneurial enterprises: NVision Solutions and LogLinear Group. Both companies, founded by local business leaders and incubated as local startups, are now on the leading edge of creating a successful and sustainable technology cluster in Hancock County. Another success story is the Mississippi Enterprise for Technology which serves so well as the business connection to Stennis Space Center and the Stennis connection to the business community. We also feature an article about the Magnolia Business Alliance ­ an organization formed with the aim of providing local entrepreneurs a means to gather, share experiences and collaborate on new and exciting projects. With the presence of countless innovative firms, a pro­business climate and organizations like the Magnolia Business Alliance, Hancock County is well on its way to becoming one of the emerging hotspots for entrepreneurship in Mississippi. On behalf of the entire team at the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission, we want to thank all of you for your continuing efforts to make Hancock County the premier place to do business in South Mississippi. We look forward to continuing to partner with you as we take Hancock County to new economic horizons and beyond.