HCPHC’s new logo reaches new heights

January 7, 2019

HANCOCK COUNTY, Mississippi — The Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission’s new brand logo now graces the iconic water tower at Stennis International Airport (KHSA),

The updated logo touts Hancock County’s offering of “Port • Air • Space” in keeping with HCPHC’s strategic objective of leveraging its array of industrial options that comprise a seaport, an airport, and Stennis Space Center.

“The tower is owned and operated by the Kiln Utility and Fire District,” Airport Director Kevin Carlisle said, “and we worked with them to change to our new logo branding.

“It was in line with the ‘wayfinding’ study that we just completed — in fact, that was probably the first project we had done for the wayfinding study.”

The wayfinding study, which targets the airport and Port Bienville Industrial Park, plans to rebrand those facilities with HCPHC’s new logo, and to add directional signs throughout the airport and industrial park to identify tenants’ locations.

“We maintain the water tower,” said Cheryl Knudson, Kiln Utility and Fire District office manager, “and as it was due to be painted anyway so this was the perfect time to update it with the new logo.”

The 135-foot, 7-inch tower was built in 1985 on a property easement given to the utility. With a 250,000-gallon capacity, it serves the airport property as well as adjacent Hancock County school-system facilities.

The Kiln Utility and Fire District, which has been in operation since December 1975, also oversees fire and sewerage within its district.

The Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission was established in 1963 to lead the county’s economic-development activities. Stennis International Airport and Port Bienville Industrial Park are home to 30 companies with more than 1,000 employees. For more information visit www.portairspace.com.