KSI provides quality, custom products

October 30, 2015

Koenig Stainless Inc. is a leading manufacturer of custom stainless steel and other sheet metal products that serves the military and various industries around the world. Calvin and Edna Koenig started their home based operation in 1993 and today KSI occupies a 15,000-square-foot facility at Stennis International Airport, where the company has operated since 1995.

The Koenigs’ son, Paul, is KSI’s owner and president.  “We build galley equipment for ship kitchens almost exclusively for the U.S. Navy,” he said. The company, which has 28 employees, also builds housing for instruments and controls used in the oil and gas industry.

“We provide custom stainless and aluminum enclosures, skids and galley equipment,” Koenig said. The skids are frames that pumps and other equipment are mounted on.

The KSI products are installed in every type of military vessel from aircraft carriers and destroyers to supply boats. KSI has provided all the furnishings for 10 Kuwaiti Navy boats built at Trinity Yachts in Gulfport.

 The material is sheared, punched, formed, welded and polished before being shipped by truck to its customers.

KSI’s largest clients are industry leaders including U.S. Joiner, Cospolich and Jamestown Metal. Louisiana-based Cospolich, which has equipment on all  U.S. Navy vessels, looks to KSI to make its private label products for the Navy.

KSI combines quality products and competitive pricing to stay successfull.  “We have developed a good name and good quality products,” Koenig said.


October 2015 Newsletter

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