Port Bienville Receives Jake Safety Award for Second Year

August 3, 2023

KILN, MISS: The American Short Line Railroad Association (ASLRRA) awarded Port Bienville Railroad the “Jake with Distinction” Safety Award for the second year in a row. The “Jake” Safety Awards are given to the safest railroads who outperformed the Class II and Class III industry average injury frequency rate as reported by the Federal Railroad Administration.

“Port Bienville Railroad and our employees continue to display professionalism and teamwork as the recipient of the American Short Line Railroad Association’s Jake Safety Award for two consecutive years. We are proud of each team member and their commitment to safety at Port Bienville,” stated Blaine LaFontaine, CEO of Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission.

The Jake Safety Awards were created to recognize the safety standards and outstanding achievement of small railroads. The award was created after Lowell S “Jake” Jacobson, the former manager of the Copper Basin Railway, whose outstanding small rail achieved a perfect score in 1993. This spurred the ASLRRA to create an award recognizing the highly competitive nature of small railines and the importance of continually striving to improve safety standards.

Port Bienville Railroad Director Shane LaFontaine stated, “Safety is the most important aspect of railroading and this is a great accomplishment. Thank you to everyone at Port Bienville Railroad for achieving their mission of ‘Everyone Home Safe Every Day.’ ”

The Port Bienville Industrial Park is serviced by the Port Bienville Short Line Railroad. The Railroad moves over 15,000 rail cars for the park’s industries, involving over 500,000 tons of materials and cargo, and can accommodate 286,000-lb. railcars. It offers trans load service, railcar storage and switching, and connects to CSX.


The Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission was established in 1963 to lead the county’s economic development activities. Stennis International Airport and Port Bienville Industrial Park are home to 30 companies with more than 1,000 employees. For more information visit www.portairspace.com.