Stennis International Airport Aircraft Rental Program

June 5, 2024

KILN, MISS: Stennis International Airport is excited to introduce its new aircraft rental program featuring the Cessna 172. The airport is currently accepting rental applications for hourly rentals starting in late June or early July. The Cessna 172 will be available at a rate of $165 per hour wet with an overnight fee of $100 per night. The aircraft rental program aims to provide convenient and affordable flying options for aviation enthusiasts and professionals.  

Potential renters are required to complete a rental application, submit all required documents, and undergo a check-out ride with a Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission (HCPHC) approved CFI/CFII. Additionally, student pilots looking to rent the aircraft must have their designated instructor complete a check-out ride with an HCPHC approved CFI/CFII. Please contact HCPHC for a list of approved CFI/CFII instructors. Please note that instructors will charge a one-time fee for the check-out flight. 

When submitting the application, the Airport Operations Office requires copies of the following documents along with a non-refundable $50 application fee: 


• Driver’s License 

• Valid Airman Medical Certificate 

• Proof of Applicable Endorsements for Student Pilots 

• Renter’s Insurance 

Online booking for the Cessna 172 is available once the application and checkout ride have been completed. Online scheduling will be conducted via the Flight Circle Mobile App or desktop website. For additional details, please visit or contact Raoul Boughton (  




About Hancock County Port & Harbor Commission  

As the county economic development authority, the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission is committed to fostering business investment and job creation. Their focus lies in attracting manufacturing, defense, aviation, and aerospace-related projects to the county. The organization manages the Stennis International Airport and Port Bienville Industrial Park while also providing support to the Stennis Space Center, NASA’s leading facility for rocket engine testing.