EmberClear Working to Develop Petrochemical Facility in Hancock County

August 28, 2015

Hancock County, Miss. (August 28, 2015) — EmberClear Corp. and the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission announced today that they have executed a lease-option agreement on a 150-acre site in Port Bienville Industrial Park for establishment of a petrochemical facility.

EmberClear is pursuing the necessary permitting and engineering activities to establish the petrochemical plant in Hancock County, Mississippi. The company specializes as a project development firm working with third-party investors and operators to develop large industrial chemical and energy facilities.

“We are working to develop a 3,700 metric ton-per-day natural gas to methanol project to be constructed within Port Bienville Industrial Complex,” said EmberClear President Raj Suri. “We have already acquired the necessary air permits for the project, and we are raising the necessary funds for the construction of the project. If all goes as per our plan, the site work, as a precursor to construction, can begin in the later part of next year.”

EmberClear is bringing a new generation of cleaner energy projects to America.  The newfound abundance of natural gas in the United States has created an unprecedented opportunity to convert this low cost, local commodity into much more valuable transportation fuels and petrochemicals – export ready international commodities. EmberClear’s core strategy places projects near the sources of plentiful natural gas in the Marcellus gas-rich northeast and in the traditional Gulf Coast gas corridor.  EmberClear is a publicly traded company on the TSX Venture Exchange in Toronto under the stock symbol “EMB”.

“We are proud to partner with this innovative company as they work to establish their energy and petrochemical project in the State of Mississippi,” said Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission Executive Director Ashley Edwards.  “We appreciate EmberClear’s confidence in Hancock County and we look forward to continuing to work with them to bring this opportunity to fruition in Port Bienville.”

If constructed, the capital investment figures for the project could represent up to $1 billion in site work, infrastructure improvements, industrial facilities and machinery.  The company estimates than the facility would create more than 100 on-site permanent jobs. 

”Hancock County’s pro-business climate, abundant regional labor force, and existing industrial infrastructure make Port Bienville an ideal place for a project of this magnitude, ” said Suri.

EmberClear has hired the most experienced engineering partners resulting in successful completion of permits and pre-engineering. Pending investment decisions, the plant could break ground by 2016 and start production by 2019.

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