MAC, LLC enters strategic partnership with NAMMO

February 8, 2018

Hancock County, MS - MAC, LLC, a manufacturer of lightweight ammunition and lightweight ammunition cartridge cases at Port Bienville Industrial Park, announces that NAMMO has taken an ownership position in MAC. NAMMO is a global leader in specialty ammunition. The new ownership position was consummated in late January of this year.

Officials said the partnership is expected to increase production and add jobs to the Port Bienville facility. MAC’s management and operations in Hancock County will not change with the new ownership. MAC currently has 21 employees.

MAC opened in Hancock County 10 years ago to develop and commercialize lightweight, polymer-based ammunition products for military and aerospace markets. The polymer-based products have the advantage of significantly reducing the weight of ammunition that troops carry and transport.  

Nick Malkovich, MAC president, said, “We are optimistic that the next phase for MAC involves increased production and high-end manufacturing jobs as we continue to equip our troops with ammunition that gives them the best possible chances for success.”

Malkovich said NAMMO has a reputation as a reliable supplier of products for U.S. and allied customers around the world. “They can assist us in scaling up operations as we strive to meet the needs of customers in this rapidly emerging marketplace. Our footprint in the global marketplace is enhanced greatly by this partnership,” he said.

Malkovich thanked MAC employees for their “dedication and arduous work” to help form the NAMMO partnership. He also thanked Hancock County officials, the Port and Harbor Commission, Mississippi Development Authority and Mississippi’s congressional delegation for their continued support of MAC’s operation. “Their vision has allowed us to develop such a crucial technology right here in South Mississippi. It allows us to continue to bring high paying, technology-based jobs to the area,” Malkovich said.

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