Navagis chosen by Google to provide technical support

April 30, 2015

Navagis, a member of the Enterprise for Innovative Geospatial Solutions at Stennis Space Center, has been chosen by Google to provide technical support for all Google Geo Products, including Google Maps Engine, Google Maps API and Google Earth Enterprise.

Navagis employees were deployed in April to Google offices in Mountain View, Calif., New York and Tokyo to begin providing ongoing support to Google's customers.

The new exclusive partnership actually is a continuation of the collaboration between Navagis and Google, said Navagis co-founder Ben Hubbard.

"Being asked to lead their technical support is a great recognition by Google of our experience and technical capability among Google for Work partners worldwide," said Hubbard.

Navagis was founded by Hubbard and CEO David Moore at Stennis Space Center in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when Moore led in pioneering the use of integrated maps to help agencies and organizations respond to the critical needs of the region.

Today Navagis has offices in Jackson, San Francisco, Singapore, the Philippines and Japan, where its employees assist organizations in creating maps to visualize critical information. Clients include telecommunications, utilities, agriculture and government agencies.

"In a very short period of time, Navagis grew from a small Mississippi tech startup to a global corporation chosen by Google, the most-recognized company in the geospatial technology," said EIGS President Craig Harvey.

He said Navagis exemplifies the goals of the EIGS cluster which was started by the State of Mississippi and NASA 16 years ago "to grow a geospatial industry which includes thought leaders and front-runner companies."

Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission Executive Director Ashley Edwards said the Navagis story is one that Hancock County hopes to repeat.

"The growth and success of Navagis is a testament to the incredible atmosphere for entrepreneurial technology incubation that exists at Stennis Space Center," Edwards said. "We congratulate Navagis for their success with Google. They serve as a great example of the quality of cutting-edge tech companies that call Hancock County home."

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